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15+ Features On The Go!

Applicant Form & Records System

Keep track of all your applicants on all steps of their processing. With the intuitive profile created for each applicant, you can easily maintain their records about classes, VISA, tests, documents, payments and many more in a single place.

Commissions Management

Easily manage commissions of all your applicants with the click of a button. Track commission collection times with reminders and emails.

Commission Invoice Generation

Avoid the hassle of manually creating invoice for each commission altogether with the innovative invoice generation. You can directly send the automatically generated invoice to the receiver from within the system.

Classes Management

Do you run training, language and test preparation classes? Now keep track of all of them and their enrolled students. You can also manage attendance of your students.

Payments Management and History

Easily manage records of the payments of each individual applicant.

Send Bulk SMS with own Identity

Send SMS to many applicants all at once for various purposes. You have your own Identity (Display name in SMS) so that the receivers recognize you instantly.

Send Bulk Emails

Send emails to many applicants from within CMST with your designated email address.

Courses, University/College and Country Management

Store details and information of all your colleges, universities and their courses for use in the system. These details can be used in applicant's processing, in your mobile apps and in Consultancy Finder.

Organize and Categorize your Information

With the intuitive Tags feature, you can group different applicants and assign them tags for bulk actions.

Enable CMST in your Branch offices

Create accounts for your branch offices directly from CMST. The branch offices will have their own CMST space to work in. You will be able to monitor their activity from the main account.

Tasks with To-do list

Create and assign tasks to each other for efficient work productivity. You can create to-do checklists to list out specific task details, and discuss matters about the task in the comment section.

Real-time chatting and messaging

Chat with each other in real-time from within CMST.

User-based, role-based log in

Give necessary access to individual user by assigning them roles and selected permissions. This way, your data and information are more secure than ever. You can manage who can or can not see the different information available in your system.

Automatic User Daily Report

Receive an automated report of your users' activity in your email so that you can review their overall daily work.

Online IELTS Booking

Book test dates for IELTS directly from CMST.

Integration with your customized mobile app

CMST can be fully integrated with your customized mobile app (for both Android & iOS) so that applicants can easily stay up-to-date with their processing and other details.

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